We are simple people with a simple desire to a part of the greatest story ever told.

Stillwater was born in a barn, a sale barn to be exact. We have always maintained a dedication to seeing others grow in their relationship to Jesus Christ. It is our desire to help people learn to Love God with the heart, soul, mind, and strength and learn to love their neighbor.

We don't care if rode a horse to church or have never even thought of getting on a horse. We are here for you. We want you to discover the greatest life and the greatest story. Come join us for the ride of your life.

What we Teach

At Stillwater Cowboy Church we teach the Bible. We believe that scripture should be the ultimate authority in our lives and that it still applies today.

We teach that God still moves today. He is active in our lives even when we don't see him.

We teach that we have all fallen short of God's standard. Each and every one of us has sinned and offended God who is completely perfect in every way.

We teach that there is no other way to find peace with God than to trust in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

We teach that Jesus lived as a man, died for our sins, and rose again after three days. He is perfect in every way and never sinned. He is a part of the Trinity and God in flesh, both fully man and fully God.

We teach that following Jesus demands action. God has called us to be Holy just like He is Holy. This doesn't mean that we are perfect but it does mean that we are actively trying to be more like Jesus.

Stillwater is associated with the Assemblies of God. If you would like a more detailed description of what we believe, feel free to click the link.